The Complete Alpaca Book

Die Bibel für Neuweltkamelieden Halter

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Primary Author and Editor Eric Hoffman, has gathered 14 experts from five continents to create the most comprehensive resource on camelids ever written.

The Complete Alpaca Book: over 6oo pages, 1,350 references, 250+ tables and figures, 500+ photographs and 3 colour sections.

Coverage includes:

  • Natural History and Ecology (with expanded coverage and fact checking from camelid researcher Jane Wheeler Phd)
  • Behaviour and Communicatio
  • Anatomy and Conformation
  • Husbandry - Farm layout, Fencing, Shelters (with expanded coverage on how to choose an agistor by Michele Ing DVM)
  • Restraint, Taming and Training
  • Transportation
  • Nutrition - Robert J. Van Saun, DVM, MS, PhD, Dipl ACT /ACVN (revised)
  • Fibre Characteristics and Processing (revised with new contributions from Robert Stobart PhD, Angus McColl and Christopher Lupton PhD from their first-of-its kind comprehensive study for the parameters of huacaya fiber characteristics. F.J Wortmann from Aachen, Germany and Lee Millon from U.C. Davis have contributed electron microscope and other types of imagery showing the comparative scale structure of suri and huacaya alpacas, vicuna, guanaco, llama, cashmere, Superfine merino, Angora rabbit, Mohair and numerous other specialty fibers. The revision also includes the ?new histograms? that now include mean curvature, percentage of medullation, and spin fineness. Lastly, Juan Pepper, who is in charge of international sales for Michell & CIA (world?s larges alpaca processor), explains the intricacies and powerful forces that determine value in alpaca fiber garments throughout the world.)
  • Fleece Preparation and Shearing
  • Reproduction and Neonatology - Ahmed Tibary, DMV, PhD, Dipl ACT
  • Medicine and Herd Health - Ty McConnell, DVM
  • Parasitology - Stuart White, PhD, Karen Baum, DVM
  • Diseases: Infectious and Non-infectious - Linda V. Carpenter DVM, Robert P. Ellis, PhD, Juliet Gionfriddo, DVM, MS, Denis Ryan, MVB, MRCVS (expanded coverage now includes Nancy Carr, MD writing on Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV) and Chris Cebra VMD,MA,MS,DACVIM of Oregon State University. Dr. Cebra is renowned for his work in combating Hepatic Lipidosis and many maladies related to digestion and the processing of food.)
  • Husbandry & Care on the Altiplano - Rufino Quilla, DVZ
  • Geriatrics
  • Poisons
  • Basic Genetics & Breeding - D. Phillip Sponenberg, DVM, PhD
  • Coat Colour Genetics - D. Phillip Sponenberg, DVM, PhD
  • Breeding to Improve Fleece Quality - George Davis, MagrSc, DSc 


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